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Changes to Ordering Birth and Death Certificates

Important changes are coming to the ordering of birth and death certificates effective 1 Jan 2021 as a result of a new vital records law. See WA Dept. of Health FAQ web page, birth certificate handout, and death certificate handout for more info. 

"Olympia, An Origin Story" - Nov 12

Our November General Membership meeting will feature a presentation about Olympia by a Tacoman! Tacoma transplant Chris Staudinger isn't a NW native, but he has come to love all things Puget Sound and its history. His fresh perspective will reveal new twists to old history.
What was Olympia before it was our state's capital? How did it rise to power, and how was it betrayed? These questions and more will be answered in this tour of historic Olympia presented by Chris Staudinger, operator of Pretty Gritty Tours in Tacoma. Chris will tell the history of downtown Olympia’s bumpy beginnings, taking us down its streets and alleys and showing us cool things to do in downtown Olympia's historic district. You’ll hear the tales of the indigenous hunters, railroad tycoons, brewmasters, lawmakers, and artists that called Olympia home.
The Zoom link for this meeting will open at 6:30 pm for a "Happy Half Hour"!

The Salem Witch Trials - Oct 8 OGS General Meeting

October is the month of colder weather, hot cider and Halloween! In preparation for the holiday, OGS member Jerri McCoy will talk to us about “The Witches of Salem.” We of the twenty-first century are aware that witches do not fly across the sky on brooms, but in 1692 charity and mercy – and plain good sense – were all cast aside in persecution of suspected witches in colonial Massachusetts. The Witch Hunt would swell and burn through Salem Village and neighboring towns. How were witches identified? What happened to them? And who were those who were executed that terrible year? Learn a little bit about them and their meddling neighbors at our general meeting, October 8 at 7 pm via Zoom. 
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Special Notices

  • 2020-2021 membership renewal grace period ends Oct 31; see Membership.
  • OGS events are being conducted via Zoom until further notice; see Community Events.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

OGS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are open only to OGS Members as a benefit of membership. For more information on the five current SIGs, please see SIGs.

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The Olympia Genealogical Society's website is designed to allow our members to engage with each other as they trace their ancestors, fill out their family trees, and discover their family histories. We want to make this site a dynamic experience where members can share with and learn from one another. Here are just a few ways to engage on this site today:
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OGS Newsletter

October 22
Family Tree Maker SIG
Faciliator:  David Abernathy  Zoom Online Platform.  Log onto OGS website, Click on SIGs on left handside green banner, click on FamilyTreeMaker for Zoom link.  Can ...

October 24
Ancestry.org SIG
OPEN to all members. Contact Greg Nordlund for more info or SIG group info page.   Zoom Online Platform.  Log onto OGS website, Click ...

November 2
Family Writing SIG
Open to anyone interested in writing their family story. Any questions feel free to contact Cindy Neff.   Zoom Online Platform.  Log onto OGS website, ...

November 10
Facilitator:  Kerry McHugh Upton Zoom Online Platform.  Log onto OGS website, Click on SIGs on left handside green banner, click on DNA for Zoom link.  ...

November 12
Monthly General Membership Meeting
Program: "Olympia, An Origin Story" by Chris Staudinger.   Our November meeting will feature a presentation about Olympia by a Tacoman! Tacoma transplant Chris Staudinger ...
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