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Delphi Pioneer Cemetery
8321 Waddell Creek Rd
Olympia, WA 98512 USA
Delphi Cemetery, also known as Stoney Creek. To locate this cemetery, drive south on Delphi Road SW, which is on the west side of Olympia. From US Highway 101, go south approximately 6 miles to the Wadell Creek Road.  Proceed on Waddell Creek Road for .2 mile.  On your left you will see a rustic road going into the woods.  The cemetery is fenced and there is a place to park and turn around.  This little cemetery is a part of the John Harlow homestead.  The first person buried here was Margaret M. Turner 1797-1890.  Some of the graves have no markers.  Information as to those graves came from two lists, one provided by Mrs. Grace Brown in 1967, and the other provided by Jasper Martin, former superintendent of Masonic Memorial Park Cemetery.  The lists were virtually identical.  This cemetery is owned by the Methodist Church and maintained by descendants of the persons buried there.
Article about Delphi Pioneer Cemetery at Thurston Talk
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Delphi Cemetery.
The cemetery was canvassed in 1975.