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Calvary Catholic Cemetery
3850 Cleveland Ave
Tumwater, WA 98501 USA
(360) 754-4667

Calvary Catholic Cemetery is a quaint cemetery located in historic Tumwater. Established in 1886, it is beautifully landscaped, with manicured lawns and mature shade trees that create a serene setting. It was sold to the parish in 1909 and contains many pioneer headstones registered by the Tumwater Historical Society.    

Calvary Catholic Cemetery is located behind the O’Bee Credit Union at 3850 Cleveland Avenue in Tumwater. It is one of four located southeast of the intersection of North Street and Cleveland Avenue. It is the official Catholic cemetery of St. Michael Parish. It is owned and operated by the parish community and is 3.1 miles South of St. Michael.

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Calvary Cemetery.
The cemetery was canvassed in 1980.